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Where To Buy Cheap Dinnerware

World Market has tons of beautiful ceramics and dinnerware, but the real bargain is stocking up on the Entertaining Essentials. Get glasses or plates in bulk to stock your party or fill your pantry.Favorite pick: White Porcelain Coupe 16-Piece Dinnerware Set, get 16 porcelain essentials for $50.

where to buy cheap dinnerware

Known for its boho-chic clothing and decor, Urban Outfitters is also home to a range of stylish dinnerware and glassware, all with a modern edge. Favorite Pick: Stone Lava Speckled 12-Piece Dining Set, $64 with three colors to choose from.

A good set of dinnerware will bring a touch of class to any dinner table and remain in style for years while withstanding the rigors of daily use. After researching more than 200 collections and evaluating 37, we have recommendations for three classic-looking whiteware sets. Our picks range in weight, design, and price, so you can find the best set for your style and budget.

The Crate and Barrel Aspen Dinnerware set was the best-quality set we tested for the price. We found some minor imperfections, but the overall quality far exceeds its low price, and we like its clean lines and simple design. This line is only sold open stock, either as individual pieces or in sets of eight, which allows you to customize your purchase to suit your needs. With the Aspen collection, you can even choose mugs or teacups and soup or cereal bowls, which is unusual for most dinnerware in this price range.

If you prefer heavier dinnerware, we recommend the Williams Sonoma Brasserie All-White Dinnerware collection. Although this set is thicker than the Crate and Barrel Aspen dinnerware set, it still feels refined. The porcelain is grayer and less creamy than some other dinnerware we tested, but it has an even glaze with no visible pitting. The Brasserie set allows you to choose mugs or teacups and soup or cereal bowls.

In researching this guide, I interviewed William Carty, PhD, emeritus professor of ceramic engineering and materials science at the Inamori School of Engineering at Alfred University. (Full disclosure: Carty has worked as an unpaid consultant for Buffalo China, Syracuse China, Hall China, Sterling China, Lenox China, Pfaltzgraff, and Homer-Laughlin.) I also spoke at length with Jono Pandolfi, potter and owner of Jono Pandolfi Designs in New Jersey, who has created dinnerware for a long list of notable restaurants around the world (he also used to design dinnerware for Crate and Barrel). He gave me a tour of his pottery studio in Union City, New Jersey, so that I could see how dinnerware is made firsthand. The American Ceramic Society provided me with resources about ceramic production and terminology.

We also searched for dinnerware collections that you can purchase open stock, which allows you to customize the set to suit your needs and to replace the dish or two that will inevitably break. Ideally, we wanted sets that allow you to choose shallow soup bowls or deep cereal bowls, simple coffee mugs or dainty teacups and saucers, and a variety of dinner and salad plate sizes. But at the very minimum, we thought each set should contain the essentials: dinner and salad plates, cereal bowls, and coffee mugs (the latter two are more practical and versatile than daintier soup bowls and teacups). We also ruled out any sets with bowls that were flat-bottomed, too deep, or too shallow. Additional serving pieces offered outside the main place setting were a nice bonus but not a requirement for us.

We judged the dinnerware on its weight, size, shape, and overall design. Since the shade of whiteware varies dramatically from set to set, we also compared the hue and brightness of each; in general, dinnerware that had a blue or gray hue was less appealing to our testers than pieces that were creamy or bright white. We then examined each piece under light to check for any flaws, such as uneven rims, drippy or inconsistent glaze, pitting, scratches, or crazing (you can read more about these flaws in our guide to buying dinnerware).

After our test panel helped narrow down the list, we took a plate from each of our top-rated sets and scratched it with a fork and knife 50 times to see if the utensils damaged the glaze or left metal marks. Finally, we refrigerated a mug or teacup from each of our picks and filled each with boiling water to see if the extreme change in temperature caused them to break. Spoiler alert: All the dinnerware remained unscathed after we performed both tests.

Always retrieve plates from the top of a stack rather than sliding them out from the middle, to avoid unnecessary pressure that could scratch or break them. Also, avoid subjecting your dinnerware to extreme temperature changes, such as pouring boiling water into a cold teacup, as this can cause breakage due to thermal shock. Though none of the mugs or teacups from our picks broke in our thermal stress tests, breakage can occur, so be mindful.

The H.F. Coors American White 4 Piece Place Setting and American Bistro 4 Piece Place Setting are great if you like heavier diner-style dinnerware, but we found both sets too informal and utilitarian for entertaining.

Like many things in the world of home goods (see: sheets, cookware, mattresses), tableware can be overwhelming to shop for. Nowadays, you might even question if you actually need full dinnerware and flatware sets. They're often overpriced, and besides, who even throws formal dinner parties anymore?

Once you let go of the idea that dinnerware is only for wedding registries or that it has to match all the other pieces in your cabinet, you can have fun with it. We found eight online stores that don't abide by the usual tableware "rules."

Background: As a couple moving in together in New York City, Rachel Cohen and Andrés Modak struggled to figure out how to decorate their new home. Both recent Wharton grads, they had the creativity and business expertise to form their own solution to this common conundrum. Their online company, Snowe, carries all the home essentials you could ever want, from silky sheets and fluffy robes to dinnerware, barware, and candles.

Background: Food52 launched its shop in 2013 to bring its community of home cooks a tightly curated collection of well-designed home and kitchen wares, from practical small appliances and cookware to beautiful decor and dinnerware. While you'll see some big and recognizable brands in the shop, it's more likely you'll come across and fall in love with the artsy, independent brands.

Materials and construction: Rigby's products are made in two different regions in Portugal that are known for their ceramics production, steelmaking, and glassblowing. The pieces are all handmade, built to last, and dishwasher-safe. The ceramic dinnerware is safe for the microwave, oven, and freezer.

Background: East Fork is a 10-year-old ceramics shop that's a beloved institution in its community of Asheville, NC, but has grown in popularity nationwide thanks to the homegrown, slightly rustic look of its dinnerware. It started out of a tobacco farm with three friends and is today a business with more than 80 employees and 20 different glazes released to date.

Background: We love Our Place's multicultural spin on kitchen gear. While you'll always be able to shop the brand's Essentials collection of tried-and-true cookware and dinnerware (we're especially fond of their hand-painted speckled ceramic stacking plates), Our Place's most interesting offerings are the result of limited-run partnerships with artists and craftspeople from around the globe.

Materials and construction: The ceramic dinnerware is made in China and handpainted with a glossy, speckled finish, while the drinking glasses are made in Thailand with handblown natural glass. Both are safe for the microwave and dishwasher.

Background: While Lulu and Georgia is a large online home store where you can find all types of furniture and decor, each of its products still manages to feel unique and special. Founder Sara Sugarman comes from a well-known company in the home space (her family owns luxury flooring company Decorative Carpets), but unlike her family business, which caters to hospitality and designer clients, Lulu and Georgia is for regular consumers like you and me.

With its wooden, cast iron, and terra cotta options, Lulu and Georgia is best for those seeking rustic tableware that's easy to mix and match. You'll find the most offerings in the dinnerware and servingware sections and the site makes it easy to complete your tabletop set with its "Complete the Look" feature at the bottom of each product page.

Materials and construction: Details about construction and care can be found on each individual product page, but for the most part, all the tableware sold is safe for the microwave and dishwasher. We found it more difficult to track down information about where the tableware is made, so you may need to research individual brands outside of the Verishop site.

Restaurant dinnerware is a type of tableware used in restaurants and includes everything from plates and cups to serving dishes and ramekins. It is generally heavier than standard dinnerware and is typically made from sturdier materials to withstand the rigors of commercial use. Restaurant-styled dinnerware comes in many different styles and materials, each with advantages and disadvantages. Different types of dinnerware include china, porcelain, melamine, plastic, and stainless steel. It differs from traditional tableware in several ways, one of the most important being its durability. Regular tableware is not designed to withstand the daily rigors of a commercial kitchen, including hot surfaces, frequent use, and exposure to harsh chemicals. Because commercial dinnerware is designed for commercial use, it is much more durable and can withstand daily use in the harshest commercial environments. Another significant difference between standard tableware and restaurant dinnerware is its size. In most cases, restaurant dinnerware is much larger than standard tableware. This is done on purpose, as large dinner plates and soup cups are much easier to handle with heavy mitts than small ones. 041b061a72


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